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Aiden O’Kelly

Introducing... Aiden O'Kelly! Our clinic's middle kitty has been voted "Most likely to end up in the Witness Protection Program." While all cats are by definition known as "A Riddle Wrapped in a Meow-stery Inside an Enigma," Aiden is possibly the most cat-y cat we have known. A paradox of contradictions, Aiden was initially skeptical about relocating to Hill-Dale, but has since learned to appreciate the lap of luxury. Naturally curious but equally cautious, he is sometimes known as our "fraidy" cat. A master of the wide-eyed, unblinking stare-down, Aiden is often seen vigilantly peering over his shoulder, but just as often, can be observed squinting with affectionate adoration at those he loves.

When not busy ignoring him, Aiden desperately seeks the approval of his older, wiser brother, Seamus. Left to his own devices, Aiden often ambushes his younger brother, Sean, and initiates wrestling matches, which typically conclude with a shriek or a cuddle. Aiden's other hobbies include stealing paperclips, chasing trespassing bugs, and dropping toys into his water dish. He also enjoys being brushed and has perfected the art of begging for his favorite treat, a churu. Aiden's most curious self-contradictory feature is that his purr makes no sound! Can you hear me meow?

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