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Seamus O’Davis

Meet Seamus O'Davis! He came to us needing a little TLC after a potato famine left him homeless. Initially, we kept our eyes peeled for a new home for the small fry, but we ended up falling head over heels for his a-peeling charms. It wasn't long before we realized that Seamus had many characteristics similar to those of our late Sammy Davis, Jr. (imi-tator). That is how he earned his name and secured his permanent place in our clinic.

Seamus fulfills many roles at Hill-Dale. He is a puppy socializer, client greeter, leftover treat vacuum, and medi-tator between his younger brothers who love to tater-taunt each other. His favorite spec-tater perch is awkwardly balancing on Steph's shoulder at the most inconvenient times. In addition, he derives pure joy from practicing impromptu parkour by spud-denly leaping off the clinic walls. We're always rooting for him.

Hill-Dale Veterinary Care