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Stephanie joined our team in January 2019 as a Client Care Specialist. In her leisure time, Stephanie enjoys running, hiking, reading, and spending time with her daughter and friends. She is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Haley, and three cuddly cat fur babies named Nelson, Malibu, and Gunther. Nelson is her sweetest kitty and is known for being a bit of a kleptomaniac. The strangest thing he has ever stolen was a razor from the shower. Malibu is a food lover, and given the opportunity, she will snatch food right off your plate. Gunther is very attached to his mama and will follow Steph right into the shower!

Stephanie's favorite part about working at Hill-Dale is being surrounded by animals all day and engaging with both the pets and their owners. When asked what sets our practice apart, Stephanie answered, "I think the fact that we are AAHA accredited says a lot about the medicine we practice. The doctors here aspire to provide the best care for our clients, going above and beyond in ways that many other practices do not. The team has a positive attitude, making it an enjoyable place to be."

Hill-Dale Veterinary Care